Anca Cioraca

Anca Cioraca has over twenty years of experience in system and software architecture, specialized in communications, networking and cybersecurity. Anca has a MS in Electronics and Telecommunications from Bucharest Polytechnic University, Romania.  In 1991 Anca moved to Canada and for the following twenty years she focused on software architecture and cyber security for network devices, while working for Motorola, Enterasys, Siemens and WatchGuard.  In 2012 Anca joined GE Grid Solutions. Currently Anca leads the cyber security architecture for next generation GE Grid Solutions Grid Automation products.  Anca is a member of the IEEE Communications Society and the IEC TC57 WG15.
Anca is fascinated by mountains and, in her free time, she spends a lot of time hiking.

Patrick Wetterwald

Patrick Wetterwald is a thought leader in Architecture and Standardization for the Smart Grid, Industrial Automation, and Internet of Things (IoT).  He held various Engineering Manager positions within Cisco where he successfully led advanced technology projects in the domain of wireless sensor networks, wireless communication, layer 3 mesh and IPv6 network mobility.  He is now focusing on Deterministic Networking technologies (also called Time Sensitive Network).  Before joining Cisco, Patrick spent the last 25 years in the telecommunication industry working for Lucent Technologies, IBM and Airbus Industry.  He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne.  Patrick filed 105 patents and got (PMP) certification in 2001. He is actively participating to several IEC standardization efforts, is an initial founder of the IPSO Alliance, and the current Vice-Chairman of the ETSI ISG IP6.

Patrick enjoys spending time outdoors, and documenting wild animal life.


Andreas Aichhorn

Andreas Aichhorn received his M.Sc. degree from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Automation Engineering.  Mr. Aichhorn worked for his Master Thesis at the Center for Advanced Power Systems at the Florida State University in the field of renewable energy systems.  Mr. Aichhorn is working for the company Sprecher Automation GmbH since 2015 in the Research & Development department with the focus on the communication part of the line current differential protection project, where he is also working on his Ph.D. degree.  He is supervised by Prof. Rene Mayrhofer, head of the institute of networks and security at the Johannes Kepler University.
Andreas enjoys the outdoors, and likes spending leisure time mountain biking.

Maik Seewald

Maik Seewald has over 26 years of engineering and security experience. He is a Senior Technical Leader in Cisco’s Corporate Technology and Architecture Group. He focuses on the development of IoT architecture, security and standards. Before Cisco, Maik was a senior research and development architect and CISSP for Siemens. Earlier, he held project engineering positions at Infineon, Audi, Siemens COM, and AMD.  Maik received a degree in Informational Techniques and a Qualified Engineer degree from Dresden University. He is Cisco’s representative in IEC TC 57, IEC TC 65, DKE, IEEE PES, CEN/CENELEC/ETSI, and UCA. He participates actively in standard development. Maik is co-chair of TC CYBER in ETSI. He is a frequent public speaker and technical writer with a focus on cyber security and IoT communication architecture.

Maik loves nature, and in his spare time, he enjoys exploring different territories.

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