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ABB Celebrates

50 years of customer satisfaction with the FT Flexitest™ switch ABB is the original FT switch manufacturer with the longest, most successful history. Flexitest™ switch’s unmatched quality is proven. The switch delivers a safe, reliable, cost-effective and flexible product for in-service testing of relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system. The first Flexite... More


Extreme accuracy in protection and control IEDs Arcteq’s AQ 200 series IEDs are developed using the latest available technologies providing a very new dimension and options to protection and control engineers. The AQ 200 comes uniquely with up to class 0.2S measurement accuracy eliminating the need for external transducers or metering devices. AQ 200 series’ patented measurement t... More


Outstanding Service Award The 2014 Outstanding Service Award of CIGRE Study Committee B5 - Protection and Automation, was granted to Mr. Dennis Holstein, Senior Partner and founder of the OPUS Consulting Group, in recognition of his contribution, commitment and dedication to the objectives of CIGRE. As a recognized expert in cyber security, Mr. Holstein has been a frequent contributor to ... More

IEC 61850 Interoperability Testing

The UCA International User Group sponsored an IEC 61850 interoperability test week that took place September 26 - October 2, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. There were 29 companies from all regions, except Africa, that brought products to be tested and witnessed.  In total, 130 people attended the user group meeting. The activity focused on improving the IEC 61850 standard and vendor impleme... More

IEEE PSRC - new logo

During the first week of October the Main Committee of the Power System Relaying Committee approved a new scope which expands to include control functions and aspects of communication, cybersecurity, time synchronization, and related requirements necessary to support protection and control systems. The scope includes liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups a... More

OMICRON electronics Offers new current and voltage amplifier

Relay manufacturers, universities, research institutes, and utilities will benefit from the new current and voltage amplifier - CMS 356. This current and voltage amplifier accepts analog low-level signals provided by any signal source, such as a digital real-time power system simulator or a CMC test set. The powerful current and voltage outputs offer a variety of configurations (for examp... More

Schneider Electric

Launches Security-Focused PACiS Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, has announced the launch of its latest PACiS solutions with advanced cyber security. PACiS, the popular and comprehensive solutions for energy automation, protection, control and measurement, integrates cutting-edge security features that help managers of utility, oil and gas, hea... More


Superior processing power for substation automation Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) announces the SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC), SEL’s fastest and most powerful RTAC. Designed for advanced data concentration and control, the SEL-3555 features Intel® Core™ i7 processors that complement a multithread IEC 61131 logic engine for 1 ms. determinist... More


SCU - Switch Control Unit IED   The SCU (Switch Control Unit) plays an important role on the digital substation process bus level. It is the interface between the conventional primary equipment and IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device). SCU is able to communicate GOOSE messages with bay level IEDs via optical fiber and control and monitor primary equipment, such as CB or transf... More

Technology News

Project Loon

Balloons Connect to the Internet We all live in a world that is connected through the Internet. Everything is moving to the “Cloud.” The problem is that we can’t always get a good connection and in many places you can’t get any connection. So GOOGLE is trying to solve this problem through their Loon project. Project Loon balloons float in the stratosphere, twice as ... More
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