Secured Routable GOOSE Mechanism

Using High-Speed and Secured Routable GOOSE Mechanism

by Mital Kanabar, Anca Cioraca, GE Grid Solutions, Canada, and Anthony Johnson, Southern California Edison, USA

Wide Area Protection and Control (WAPC) are deployed to protect the integrity of the power grid or strategic portions of the grid. Unlike conventional (mainly local) protection, WAPC are installed to achieve System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS), special protection schemes, Remedial Action Schemes (RAS) or back protection to conventional protection systems such as wide area differential protection using synchrophasors. WAPC can be implemented among substations (distributed) or between substations and control center (centralized). The backbone of the WAPC scheme is networking infrastructure and protocol to exchange information over Wide Area Network (WAN.) More

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BeijingSifang June 2016