Proactive Motor Protection

Next Generation of Proactive Asset Management IEDs

Converging Motor Protection and Control with Monitoring & Diagnosis

by Mital Kanabar, Vijay Muthukrishnan, GE Grid Solutions, and A. Thomas, Barrick Gold, USA

The majority of today's protection functions in Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are high-speed and secured; however, these protection functions are still reactive by design and application. Reactive functions respond to a disturbance or stimulus event occurring in electrical equipment; these functions are designed and applied to measure, calculate, and react to an undesirable situation to protect electrical equipment, limiting the damage incurred. Proactive functions, on the other hand, are designed and applied to continuously perform online Monitoring & Diagnosis (M&D) in combination with advanced Protection & Control (P&C) of the equipment or asset to be protected (e.g. motor, switchgear, transformer, generator, etc.) More

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