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Areva T&D announced the acquisition of Vamp

AREVA T&D has announced the acquisition of Vamp, the Finnish-based specialist in arc protection and protection relays. Vamp's products, are used in a number of applications in the industrial and distribution segments, their unique arc protection enhances the safety of both people and property and has made Vamp a recognized world leader in this field. By acquiring Vamp, AREVA T&D ... More

Basler Electric's New BESTWAVEPlus Software

High-resolution graphical analysis interface designed to display, analyze, and manage fault records in the standard IEEE COMTRADE format and read/view all COMTRADE files from any manufacturer’s relay, meter, or fault recorder. It  offers flexible analysis tools for navigating traces, amplitude and time scaling, superimposing traces, peak detection, harmonics, instantaneous... More

Everything You Need

for  Capacitor Bank Protection and Control in One Relay from SEL The SEL-487V Capacitor Protection and Control System combines synchrophasor technology and flexible communications with complete capacitor bank protection and control in one economical relay. The SEL-487V protects and controls grounded and ungrounded, single- and double-wye capacitor banks. The settings assistan... More

NR Delivers Smart Substation Solution

NR Electric introduces the smart substation solution which integrates MMS, GOOSE, SV, GMRP, SNTP and IEEE-1588 of IEC61850, enabling the complete digitalization of modern substations. The communication is composed of two independent LANs used as station bus and process bus respectively. Electronic CT/VT and Merging Unit are used to transmit sampled value over process bus using IEC61850-9-2... More

Relion protection and control from ABB

Relion protection and control product family offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection and control products, designed to the IEC 61850 standard, for generation, transmission, distribu- tion and industrial applications. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, Relion protection and  control IEDs have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. ... More

System Reliability

The US Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued on 19 January 2010 an initial list of standards, a preliminary cyber security strategy, and other elements of a framework to support transforming the nation’s aging electric power system into an interoperable Smart Grid, a key component of the Obama administration’s energy plan and... More

The OMICRON SVScout makes IEC 61850 Sampled Values visible

The OMICRON SVScout makes IEC 61850 Sampled Values visible for the substation engineer and IED developer. One important application is testing merging units by comparing two SV streams. SVScout subscribes to Sampled Values streams from merging units and displays the waveforms with their electrical units. Detail values can be looked up and compared with the cursor functions. The p... More

Toshiba - New Multi-function Relay Series

Toshiba announces the launch of a new range of low-cost, high quality, numerical multi-function relays designed for protection applications in MV networks. The first model within the series, GRE110, is now available, providing a comprehensive range of feeder protection and CB control functions, as well as the capability to be applied as motor protection, and as back-up protection for ... More

Walt Elmore

Walt Elmore passed away the night of 20 January 2010.  He was a member of the Power System Relaying Committee for more than 50 years, with his first meeting being in September 1957.  He served in the Army Air Corps as a navigator during World War II.  A graduate of the University of Tennessee, he started his career at Memphis Light Gas and Water before joining W... More

Technology News

Android - Mobile operating system by GOOGLE

3 Android - Mobile operating system by GOOGLE Android is another operating system developed by Google to enable software developers to create applications that take full advantage of the capabilities of different mobile devices. It is built on the open Linux Kernel and utilizes a custom virtual machine that was designed to optimize memory and hardware resources in a mobile environment... More

Cloud Computing - improving efficiency and reducing costs

In the Autumn 2009 issue of the magazine we talked about the Google Chrome operating system. Together with the Android operating system (see the next article) they are designed to support the increasingly popular concept of Cloud Computing. Like many other things in the world this is driven by requirements to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce costs. Instead of building infrast... More

USB 3.0 - The next generation super speed device

USB is an acronym that every person that uses computers and gadgets knows, even if they don't know what it stands for.  The Universal Serial Bus is a plug-and-play interface between a computer and many different devices, such as mobile phones, peripheral devices, printers, digital cameras, etc. It was developed at the end of the last century by Compaq, IBM, DEC, Intel, Microsoft, NEC... More

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