The Guru

Biography: Stanimir Vichev graduated in 1962 with a M. Sc. degree from the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (today the Technical University) in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1978 he became a Ph. D. and in 2002 Doctor of Science at the same university. He started his career at the same university in 1962 as an Assistant professor at the Electrical Engineering Department. Since 1966 he has been teaching and doing research in the field of electric power system protection, measurements, recording and instrument transformers.

In 1978 he became Associate professor. 1981-1983 he was Vice-Dean and 1983-1986 he was serving as the Dean of the Electrical Engineering department. 1986-1990 he was also Chief Expert at the national Higher Education Council. He is still teaching at the university today. More

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