Conference Reports

Georgia Tech Protective Relay Conference, 2010

The 64th Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference was held 5 - 7 May, 2010 at the Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown, Atlanta, USA. 

This is one of the annual specialized protection and control conferences that bring together every spring specialist from the protection and control field predominantly from the United States, but also from many other countries, to discuss the challenges of the industry and the latest technology applications.More

The Inaugural PAC World Conference, Dublin, Ireland

The idea to start another conference in Europe came as the result of analysis of the needs of the industry and the events that typically take place. The experience of three successful annual specialized protection and control conferences in the United States and the fact that there is no such annual conference in Europe was the trigger. The only existing specialized conference in our field is Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP). However, during the last decade the intervals between the conferences have been difficult to predict – sometimes three, four, and last time,  two years. In the time of dramatically changing technology it became clear that we need an annual event that will bring together specialists from our industry and help them answer the many challenges that they face every day. More

2010 IEEE PES General Meeting Minneapolis, MN, USA

The IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting was held on 25 - 29 July, 2010.

The 2010 IEEE PES General Meeting was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, USA. It was a gathering of thousands of electric  power systems professionals from all corners of the world that gathered to discuss the issues that our industry needs to address. The program included a wide variety of events, many of them of interest to the protection, automation and control community. More

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