Conference Reports

Western Power Delivery Automation Conference, 2012

The event was held 27-29 March 2012 in Spokane, Washington, USA The 14th Annual Western Power Delivery Automation Conference was held at the historical Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. The conference is a two and a half day event that focuses on the issues of automation and control of power systems within the context of a smart grid. The conference program included a keynote presentation and twenty eight papers selected by the technical committee. One of the benefits of this conference is that it does not have parallel sessions, allowing all the participants to be present at all presentations and their discussions in five paper sessions. More

Texas A&M Conference for Protective Relay Engineers

The event was held at Texas A&M University, College Station. The 65th annual Conference is a significant milestone in the history of our industry in North America and probably in the world as well. As Dr. Russell said in his welcome address, it is possibly the longest continually running industry conference at Texas A&M. The conference was preceded by an IEEE Tutorial on the Protection of Synchronous Generators which has been updated by the IEEE Power System Relaying Committee and covered fundamentals, fault protection, abnormal operating condition protection, offline and special operating mode protection, and system design. More

Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis

The 15th Annual Conference was held 23-24 April 2012at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The event is jointly organized by The Transient Recorder Users Council and Georgia Tech. This is the only international conference that specializes in the analysis of short circuit faults, local and wide area disturbances. Other topics of interest include the tools that are needed to support the analysis and the lessons learned from actual system events. More

Georgia Tech 2012, Protective Relaying Conference

The 66th GeorgiaTech Protective Relaying Conference was held 25-27 April, 2012, at the Georgia Tech Hotel, Atlanta, USA.

This specialized annual protection and control conference brings together every spring protection and control specialist from suppliers, consultants and a small number of academics, with the largest number of participants from utilities in the Southeast of the country. More

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