Sergio Luiz Zimath

Sergio Luiz Zimath was born in Joinville, Brazil in 1971. He majored in Automation and Control Engineering in 1997 at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. He has been working for Reason Tecnologia since 1995, being responsible for several of Reason's product development and research projects where he currently is the Innovation Director. On weekends, Segio likes visiting the beautiful tourist places of Florianopolis with his family, traveling and taking pictures. As a hobby he also builds houses for sale.


Joaquim Américo Pinto Moutinho (Beck)

Joaquim Moutinho (Beck) was born in Belem, in north of Brazil which is the entrance gate to the Amazon. He graduated from the Federal University of Para and received a master degree in Power Systems from the University of Brasilia. He started working at Petrobras in 1981 and in 1984 joined Eletronorte as a commissioning coordinator. Currently Joaquim is a Maintenance Manager at Eletronorte. Joaquim is a member of CIGRE B5 protection and automation group and has number of technical papers in conferences, congresses and symposiums like SIMPASE, STPC, SBSE, EDAO, SEPOPE, SNPTEE, ERLAC, ERIAC among others. When not working, Joaquim likes to boat and jetski in the rivers from the Amazon region.

Marco Antonio Fernandes Ramosa

Marco Antonio Fernandes Ramos was born in 1966 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated in Electric Engineering in 1992 at the Santa Ursula University, and received his Master of Sciences in Electric Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 2002. Since 1993 Marko has been working at FURNAS Centrais Eletricas S.A., as Protection Engineer. He has participated in the development of the FURNAS´s Oscillography System, and at present he is a manager of the Division of Protection Analysis. During the week, Marko also plays volleyball, and on weekend he likes to stay with his family mostly going to the beach. In his leisure time he enjoys walking around the beautiful city parks, and visiting the tourist points of Rio de Janeiro.


Joe Mooney

Joe Mooney Joe Mooney is a Senior Project Manager at POWER Engineers, Inc. in the SCADA and Analytical Studies group. He has over 28-years of experience and has previously worked for Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Bonneville Power Administration, and SEL. He is an IEEE Senior Member, chairman of the PSRC D26 WG and serves on the Western Protective Relay Conference Program Committee. He has been granted five patents and has authored over 20 technical papers. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of California and Washington. Joe enjoys attending Portland Timbers football matches with his wonderful wife of 28-years (she is the SUPER-fan!), brewing and drinking his own India Pale Ale, and trying his best to stay physically fit.

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