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Breaker Controlled Switching System

The Toshiba Controlled Switching System (TCSS) for circuit breakers has been developed to provide a sophisticated solution to eliminate unwanted electrical transients. Based on practical operational experience gained since 1989 Toshiba is now launching a new controlled switching system using the latest digital control and network computing technologies. The new switching controller features both h... More

Complete IEC 61850 Process Bus

Solution GE Digital Energy delivers a complete IEC 61850 Process Bussolution for intelligent protection and control with the Multilin HardFiberTM System. Replacing the need for thousands of copper wires in a substation, the Multilin HardFiber System replaces the copper wires with a few fiber optic cables.Reducing this need to install and maintain copper wires, used for signaling and monitoring in ... More

Industry Awards For Outstanding Technical Achievement

The IEEE Board of Directors has named 295 IEEE Senior Members to Fellow Grade effective 1 January 2008. The list includes three representatives of the global PAC community - Dr. Bogdan Z. Kasztenny, Canada; Vahid Madani and Kenneth Martin, USA. The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in the profession and is conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record ... More

Lifetime Achievement Award

The IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES) Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2007 to recognize exceptional power engineers for outstanding career-long contributions to the art and science of electric power engineering. The inaugural recipient of this new award is one of the most active members of the protection and control community - Stanley Horowitz. The citation for the award states... More

Make Complex Alarming Simple

Easy and economical means of annunciation The new Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel provides an easy and economical means of annunciation in existing and new applications. It can be applied for various industrial, utility, and commercial uses. The flexibility of the communications and alarm configuration in this product allow it to be applied with little or no hard-... More

New Compact Protection Relays - Siemens

Siemens enhances its portfolio with the new SIPROTEC Compact 7SJ80 and 7SK80 protection relays that share a brand - new and powerful hardware with well proven algorithms from SIPROTEC 4. The 7SJ80 relays can be used for line/feeder protection of high and medium voltage networks with grounded, low-resistance grounded, isolated or a compensated neutral point. The multifunctional 7SJ80 provides a dir... More

NovaTech acquires Bitronics

NovaTech LLC, a provider of electric utility and process industry automation has acquired from AREVA T&D their measurement business assets, including the complete Bitronics Measurement Product line, its PowerServe┬«, MultiComm and other high-performance electricity measurement instruments. (see www. The measurement products will continue to be designed and manufa... More

OMICRON among the 50 best employers in Europe

OMICRON electronics has been rated again among the 50 best European employers (small and medium sized workplaces) and has been awarded for it by the Great Place to Work Institute. The success is based on the employees and their personal commitment. OMICRON offers an interesting working environment which is characterized by open communication and teamwork which encourage personal development... More

P847 Phasor Measurement Unit

AREVA' s new P847 Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) is used to measure power system data in real time and report to a Phasor Data Concentrator for visualization, data storage and most importantly for running a variety of 'on line' and 'off line' applications in wide area control and protection. It is GPS synchronized and exceeds the requirements of IEEE C37.118 Level 1 with enhanced performance under ... More

Technology News

BigDog - The alpha male of a robot family

Our industry is moving forward in an effort to address the numerous challenges it faces. New technologies, specifically multifunctional Intelligent Electronic Devices and advanced high-speed broadband communications, help in improving the security of the electric power system under different system conditions. But it is also always a good idea to have a look outside, at other domains, and see if... More

Internet Addressing

The continuous increase of substation protection, automation and control systems based on a local area network, and especially the success of IEC 61850 has resulted in a huge number of devices with Ethernet interfaces to be used in such applications. This is makes many protection specialists set the IP address of the relays to allow each device to talk to its peers over the substation LAN. Probabl... More

Solar Tree energy sollutions

The move towards use of green energy resources is welcomed with many mixed feelings. On one hand people understand that we can not continue producing electric power using fossil fuels, while at the same time they suffer of the NIMBY (not in my backyard) syndrome. To a great extent this is because people don't like the way transmission towers or wind turbines look. A good example of how this perce... More


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