IPTS - International Protection Testing Symposium, 2010, Austria

IPTS was held 14 – 15 October 2010 in Salzburg, Austria.

The International Protection Testing Symposium was held as part of a Triple Event that also included power and instrument transformers related events. Participants from many countries from all corners of the world made the symposium an exciting event at a time when knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences is more important than ever.

Such events bring together specialist with different interests, facing similar challenges and allow them to discuss their views face-to-face in a relaxing and informative environment.

Whilst the emphasis of the symposium is on the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas, a comprehensive social program in the city of Mozart was included for the enjoyment of the participants during the evenings.

The motto of the symposium was "Efficiency in Testing", resulting in a program that included presentations about solutions for protection testing in the fields of transmission, distribution and generation. Some of the papers discussed methods and tools for testing of a wide range of Smart Grid related protection, automation and control related applications, such as Special Protection Systems, Automatic-Distribution-Restoration Systems. Several papers focused directly or indirectly on methods and tools for improving the efficiency of testing, while another group addressed the impact of IEC 61850 on the requirements for testing of protection and control devices and systems, including GOOSE and sampled values based applications.   

The four practical sessions offered attendees the opportunity to personally experience the capabilities of advanced testing equipment and software tools. The evenings' program included dinners that allowed the participants to experience the music of Mozart and local folk music, while meeting new friends and discussing a wide variety of subjects in a relaxed atmosphere.

The event ended with a visit to a modern substation and a historic power plant organized by Salzburg´s electricity provider. 

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