IEC 61850-9-2 MICOM - process bus relay

The first MiCOM Alstom IED was manufactured on 7th October 2010.  The inaugural relay model chosen - a transmission distance relay equipped with an IEC 61850-9-2 process bus interface - underlines Alstom's intention to build upon the strengths of its Stafford Center of Excellence, and worldwide satellite expert teams, advancing the technology in numerical substation architectures.

Alstom also launches improved Phasor Measurement Units, and a substation-based Phasor Data Concentrator.  The P847 PMU additions offer enhanced compliance with IEEE C37.118, demonstrating level 1 NIST compliance.  Alstom’s S800 sPDC can concentrate, archive and monitor phasor data from up to 15 PMUs.  Coupled with the e-terra Energy Management System, Alstom offers a complete Online Stability Solution.

Power. Flexible. Easergy.
BeijingSifang June 2016