Controlled Switching Devices for Medium Voltage CBs

VIZIMAX is pleased to announce the release of its new line of Controlled Switching Devices (CSD) for MV applications.
Utilities, Industries and IPPs use the SynchroTeq MV to reduce or eliminate transients caused by random switching of new or existing circuit breakers.

Designed as a CB manufacturer agnostic product, SynchroTeq MV allows better equipment sizing, advanced monitoring functions for predictive maintenance and critical assets management. SynchroTeq MV transforms CBs into smart devices.

SynchroTeq MV is available in 3 models for the following specific applications:

  • MVR - Shunt reactors, capacitor banks and filters
  • MVS - Single-phase power transformers
  • MVX - Three-phase power transformers

BeijingSifang June 2016