A glance at CSEE Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

by  Xi-cai ZHAO, NR Electric Co., China

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental academic and professional organization of scientists and engineers in the electrical engineering field. The predecessor of CSEE is Chinese Society for Electrical Engineers, founded in Shanghai in 1934. CSEE has more than 120 thousand individual members and 1000 collective members. The membership composition includes power enterprises, power administrative and supervisory bodies, research institutes and universities, design and construction companies as well as machinery manufacturers. The 32 independent provincial local societies are also collective members of CSEE. There are 32 Study Committees in CSEE, such as Relaying Protection Study Committee, Electric Power System Automation Study Committee, Telecommunication Study Committee, Electromagnetic Interference Study Committee. Each of them is responsible for the study of particular problems within their scope and for the organization of their own academic activities.

CSEE's Mission:                     

  • To promote the prosperity and advancement of science and technology in the electrical engineering field by means of academic exchanges
  • To provide strategy and technology consultations to the government and society so as to contribute to the nation's social and economic development
  •  To popularize science knowledge among the general public at all levels, especially young people, to improve the quality of the whole nation
  • To develop cooperative relations with international academic and professional societies in related areas
  • To conduct continued education through various training programs
  • To award science and technology workers and groups with outstanding contributions
  • To publish academic materials in the electrical engineering field
  • To safeguard the legitimate rights to scientists and engineers, and to encourage them to participate actively in political activities

Academic Activities: CSEE Sponsors and organizes academic meetings such as conferences, forums, workshops, seminars, featuring multi-levels and rich in contents, prominent on key subjects, closely related with the electrical engineering practice. Boost and organize academic meetings and awards especially for young professionals and students. CSEE holds international conferences jointly with worldwide professional organizations, such as CIGRE, CIRED, IFAC, IEEE/PES etc. and sponsors annual meeting of ICEE (International Conference of Electrical Engineering) jointly with IEEJ, KIEE, HKIE.

Consultations: Entrusted by the State Electric Power Supervisory Commission, organizes the work of:

  • Revising Regulations of Power Grid Dispatching Management
  • Investigation in serious and extra -large power system faults
  • Feasibility studying and pro- evaluating engineering projects for investors, administrative bodies, etc.
  • Amending, and revising standards and regulations related to power engineering, such as UHV voltage standards, security operation regulations
  • Making appraisals to technologies, manufacturing products and engineering projects, etc.

Standards and Guidelines: According to the assignment of government, CSEE organizes experts of certain sections to appraise authoritative standards and guidelines in the electrical industry, discuss and support new standards and guidelines.

Professional Recognition: CSEE participates in higher education assessment organized by the education administration and jointly organize international mutual reorganization of power and electrical engineers with international organizations.

Science Popularization:  CSEE organizes quality-promoting activities such as scientific knowledge contest, exhibition, publications and annual delivery of science and technology to the rural areas; and uploads electric knowledge onto the special column of the CSEE website.Publications: CSEE Sponsors, co-sponsors and organizes the publications of academic, science popularization, comprehensive periodicals, and proceedings as well as some national literatures. 


Xi-cai ZHAO  received his MS from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) in 1997. He is the deputy chief engineer of NR Electric, Secretary General of Protection Study Committee of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE), member of Chinese National standard Technical Committee of Measuring Relays and Protection Equipments, Member of IEC TC95 MT1, MT3 & MT4, and regular member of CIGRE SC B5.

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