EyeCkeck 8000

The new smart camera with up to 4 sensor heads

The electric power industry has been focused on the issues of cyber security for more than a decade. However, the issues of physical security are very important as well, especially in the case of unmanned substations in remote locations.

EyeCheck 8000 is a new smart camera platform with up to 4 sensor heads. The flexible hardware platform of the camera allows the user to choose alternatively between one and up to four sensor heads to connect them to the computing platform. Additionally with the dual core processor, which consists of a 1 GHz ARM processor and an 800 MHz DSP quite a lot of applications can be solved easily with this system, reaching clock frequencies, which were up till now only possible with a PC.

The whole system is equipped with a powerful LINUX operating system, which runs on an ARM Cortex A8 processor. The efficient DSP for example is completely available for tasks such as transferring videos in real time by Codec. In addition to the DSP, there is also the GPU graphic core available. Therefore, especially computationally intensive image processing applications can be carried out by the DSP and the GPU, so that the ARM processor only has to care about the data transfer.

Thus the high-performance CPU has still a lot of capacity left, so that the spare computing time can be used to carry out the powerful and graphically programmable EyeVision image processing software.




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