iPC-GRID, San Francisco, California, USA

The 14th i-PCGRID was held in San Francisco, California, USA from 30 March-1 April 2016.

As usual, the 14th Annual Workshop on Innovations in Protection and Control for Greater Reliability Infrastructure Development was hosted by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) and was organized by PG&E, Mississippi State University and Quanta Technology.

The core of the program discussions focused on the Past, Present and Future Power Systems around the world addressing the evolving energy sector. The presenters included top level industry experts from China, India and Japan. State of the art technologies such as travelling waves based transmission line protection, centralized substation protection and IEC 61850 based digital substations were discussed. The presentation sessions were mixed with panel sessions which allowed a live interactive discussions between the panelists and the participants in the workshop.

Detailed discussions centered on the changes in the industry driven  by the large scale penetration of distributed renewable energy resources, as well as a range of developing technologies that can be used efficiently in the control  of the global power grid in order to ensure its resiliency and required levels of performance.
The workshop provided events creating a relaxed environment for further exchange of ideas  

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