Power and Energy Automation Conference, Spokane, USA

The 2016 Power and Energy Automation Conference (PEAC) was held 8-10 March 2016 in Spokane, WA, USA.
This was the 18th edition of a conference organized by Washington State University (WSU,) and was previously known as the Western Power Delivery Automation Conference. PEAC was opened with a featured presentation on “Substation physical security” presented by Ken Wells, Pacific Gas & Electric.

This is the only conference that brings together professionals from our industry to share knowledge about the automation and control of electric power transmission and distribution systems The mission of the conference is to facilitate the development and implementation of modern technology to improve the reliability, efficiency, and capability of today's power grid systems, and enable this critical infrastructure to achieve the ambitious vision of smart grids, while still considering the importance of cyber security.

The conference program included paper sessions that discussed IEC 61850 and its applications case studies and pilot projects in smart grid, synchrophasor applications, cyber security and communication networks. One of the benefits of this conference is that there are no parallel sessions, which allows the participants to listen to and participate in the discussions of all papers. There was a fundamentals track that provides tutorial sessions on essential topics in power grid automation.

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