Substation Technology 2009 Conference, Birmingham, UK

The Substation Technology 2009 Conference was held in the Event Suite and Lecture Theatre at the Thinktank, Millennium Point, Birmingham, UK.

This was a two day event packed with informative sessions and interactive discussions, delivering an examination of power systems equipment and the techniques employed to increase intelligence, as well as reviewing the cost effective design options for substations and the IEC 61850 standards.

The conference provided the participants with a unique opportunity to discuss the technology employed in substation automation projects, as well as the design, management and construction of the modern substation. It became a forum that allowed the manufacturers to get closer to the people that use their products. It helped the attendees learn from the examination of the latest developments in substations and the discussions of strategic issues of substation and power system automation programs and how to integrate different devices and equipment in order to improve the efficiency of the electric power system.

Some of the areas covered were: building and demonstrating the financial case for investment of new technologies; understanding substation automation projects; substation automation projects within a smart grid; impact of changing network functions; benefits from the integration of new technology; how technologies can ensure energy delivery; pros and cons of IEC61850; European case studies from utility companies.

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