CIGRE Study Committee B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium 2009

The CIGRE Study Committee B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium 2009 was held in Jeju, Korea from Monday 19 October to Saturday 24 October 24, 2009. Ten CIGRE SC B5 working groups held meetings on 18 and 19 October. Advisory groups met on 20 October and the Study Committee B5 meeting was held on 23 October.

The mission of the Study Committee B5 is to facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of protection and automation. The 2009 meeting and colloquium in Jeju provided a platform for the experts, scholars and engineers to exchange experience and share knowledge in three preferential subjects:

  • Strategies for the lifetime maintenance of SAS systems
  • Protection and control of FACTS devices and impact on protection systems
  • Wide area monitoring, control and protection technologies

A tutorial on “Experience in the protection of multi-circuit and multi-terminal lines and power transformers.” was held on 21 October. The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection (APAP2009) was jointly held with the SC B5 Colloquium 2009, which doubled the meaning of the gathering of experts.

The CIGRE Dinner was hosted by the Korea National Committee of CIGRE. A special small extra-event, Talented CIGRE (musical entertainment) was held during the meeting in Korea. Several participants volunteered and participated in this event with singing, playing musical instruments and dancing. On 24 October the technical visit to HVDC station of KEPCO was combined with a tour to scenic nearby attractions.

Jeju Island of Korea is world famous for its unique culture and well maintained natural features. This provided an excellent environment that made the CIGRE B5 meeting and colloquium a successful and enjoyable event that gave the participants from all over the world a good opportunity to work, share their experience in the presented papers and build close cooperation channels for solving future challenges.

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