Technical Forum of China Southern Power Grid (CSG), Guangzhou, China

The 12th CSG Forum was held November 30th to December 2nd 2015 in Guangzhou, China.

The theme of this year forum is The Development of Future Power Grid. The Technical Forum of China Southern Power Grid (CSG) has been held annually since 2004.The forum participants are about 300-400 people every year, which are the science and technology management personnel and technical personnel from the CSG headquarters and subordinate companies. The forum’s program includes two types of sessions:

  • Paper sessions including a selection of quality papers, which would be published by South Power System Technology
  • Keynote sessions including keynote speeches and discussions

Most of the keynote speakers were from China, with the exception of two US speakers - Barbara O'Neill from NREL and Dr. Alexander Apostolov from OMICRON electronics.

The forum plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of interest in science and technology and promoting the technological innovation of CSG.  

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