Final Thoughts

IEC 61850 is continuously gaining popularity in the electric power protection, automation and control industry. More and more utilities are embracing it as their standard communications protocol.

As our readers have seen in the Industry News section in many issues of this magazine, more and more manufacturers are announcing that they have products that support IEC 61850.

The discussions have been shifting lately not that much if we should use IEC 61850 or not, but about the most appropriate ways of using it. That is why we hope that the discussions in many articles in this issue of the PAC World magazine are going to help the specialist in protection, automation and control to design the substation communications architecture in a way that will ensure a higher level of reliability and availability, as well as faster operating times of IEC 61850 based solutions, compared with the conventional hard wired systems.

In order to check how the acceptance of the standard by our industry has been changing, we posted on the PAC World web site four questions, similar to the ones we posted about two years ago.

This does not pretend to be any scientific survey, but it still gives us an idea of the changes in attitude that are happening in the industry. It is clear that the level of acceptance is increasing, with more than half of the people that responded already using it. Considering that our industry is in principle very conservative, it is not that surprising that still about one third has no intention of using it. However what is encouraging is the fact that more than twenty percent are already using process bus.   

BeijingSifang June 2016