Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems

Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems

By Remus Teodorescu, Marco Liserre, Pedro Rodriguez


Published by Wiley-IEEE Press

ISBN-10: 0470057513

ISBN-13: 978-0470057513


Book Review by Alexander Apostolov, USA

Grid converters are one of the key components in the integration of the renewable energy resources. The high penetration of such systems is imposing a new set of requirements to maintain the security and stability of the electric power grid under these new conditions.
As a result, especially considering the increasing requirements for observability and controllability of the DERs, the grid converters should be able to support advanced functions like dynamic control of active and reactive power, operation within a wide range of voltage and frequency, voltage ride-through capability, reactive current injection during faults, grid services support.

This is why the book is a must-read for all protection, automation and control specialists that need to design, configure or test PAC systems in areas with DERs. It is intended as a course book for graduated students with a background in electrical engineering and also for professionals in the evolving renewable energy industry.

The book starts with an introduction of the wind and photovoltaic power development and the role of the Grid Converter as a key element in grid integration of such systems.
The next three chapters discuss photovoltaic inverter structures, grid requirements and grid synchronization.

Chapter 5 describes the need for islanding detection and active and passive methods that can be used for it.
Chapters 6 through 9 are focused on the integration of wind turbine systems and describe grid converter structures for such systems, as well as grid requirements, synchronization and control.

Chapter 10 is one of the most interesting for protection specialists, because it discusses the control of grid converters under grid faults. It includes an overview of control techniques for grid-connected converters under unbalanced grid voltage conditions, control structures for unbalanced current injection, power control under unbalanced grid conditions and flexible power control with current limitation.

Chapters 11 and 12 describe grid filter design and current control.
Throughout the book, the authors, who all teach in universities in Denmark, Italy and Spain, include practical examples, exercises, and simulation models.
For people from academia interested in adopting the course, a set of slides is available for download from the website:

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