CIRED 2013 - International Conference & Exhibition, Stockholm

The 22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution was held in Stockholm, Sweden 10-13 June 2013. Kistamassan in Kista was the conference and exhibition venue.
The goal of the conference was to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn and discuss the issues of importance to the industry, as well as to become familiar with the advancements of technology related to distribution systems. This goal was achieved through a combination of tutorials, presentations at paper sessions, poster sessions, round tables, Research and Innovation Forums (RIF) and discussions.

The main parts of the conference were the six sessions covering different domains in the electric power industry. Of main interest to the PAC community were:

  • Session 3: Operation, Control and Protection
  • Session 4: Distributed Energy Resources and Efficient Utilization of Electricity

A large industry exhibition gave an opportunity to the participants to learn about the latest developments in distribution related technology.

The CIRED 2013 gala dinner was held at the Vasa Museum.


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