Intelligent Lights -

Features, Benefits and Application

Intellistreets is a flexible wireless solution for integrating energy efficient lighting, audio, digital signage and more into your city, campus or sporting venue. The main benefits include:

  • Energy Management: With wireless technology to communicate with individual luminaires, streetlights are able to save energy using dimming and on-demand adjustability. This eliminates conduit and cabling costs. Emergency back-up allows for solar or wind energy power regeneration
  • Security: This is the only street light system with embedded emergency call buttons and two-way hands free communication plus audio distribution for mass notification concealed in light poles or light fixtures. A variety of environmental sensors can be used to support different security related applications. RFID equipped staff can be identified and tracked, while optical recognition allows shared data strategy analysis of images between sensors that can direct PTZ cameras and provide situational awareness information to the end user. Indicator lights offer routing and situational awareness via sequenced lights, graphic banners and audio simultaneously
  • Entertainment: Dynamic lighting is based on wireless control of color-changing lights that facilitates the transformation of an ordinary space for a special event without additional equipment. The system supports the use of radio broadcast from playlists and can be integrated within virtually any modern architectural control system for syncronization of any feature within and around the Intellistreet system. A wide range of sensors can be utilized for exciting pedestrian user interaction.

The main benefits include Energy Management, Security and Entertainment.

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