Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference

The 17th Annual Georgia Tech Fault and Disturbance Analysis Conference was jointly organized by The Transient Recorder Users Council and Georgia Tech.
The conference technical committee had accepted for presentation at the conference eighteen papers that were delivered in four single sessions, which allows the participants to see and discuss each of the accepted papers.

The papers presented at the conference examine recent electrical disturbances and discuss possible solutions. Other topics of interest cover the tools required for analysis, including automated analysis of events, international standards that have impact on event and disturbance analysis, as well as the lessons learned from actual system events.

The best paper award for 2013 was presented to Robert Orndorff and Brian Starling for their paper “Double Ended Fault Location Application Using IEEE C37.114.”

It is a tradition to finish the first day of the conference program with two unique items in the program:

  • The interactive presentation/discussion "Display and Discussion of Actual Fault Records Brought by Participants"
  • The User Forum attended only by utilities representatives to share their experience with equipment and tools

After the end of paper sessions the participants visited the vendors' hospitality suites to discuss with the experts the latest technology for transient and disturbance recording.




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