Terminal Block and Switch - All in One

SecuControl, Inc. is known for their testblock / testplug system ITS.

Now, the company from Alexandria, VA offers a new terminal block with an integrated test access point called Secu Access.

Secu Access (SAX) is built for relay testing, meter testing and CT current measurement. It can be mounted on DIN-rail or with screws, making it exceptionally versatile.

Secu Access performs both functions of a terminal block and switch, and therefore reduces wiring and panel space needs.
The terminal block/switch has a modular buildup and attaches to many wire terminal types (ring/spade/solid wire). Testing is easily done by inserting a testplug into the access point. Just like the Interface Test System, SAX features a finger-safe front and keyed entry system. Current shorting testplugs provide additional user safety.

With an internal resistance of only ca. 2mΩ, SAX is an ideal solution for the use with highly sensitive microprocessor relays.

BeijingSifang June 2016