Make Complex Alarming Simple

Easy and economical means of annunciation

The new Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel provides an easy and economical means of annunciation in existing and new applications. It can be applied for various industrial, utility, and commercial uses. The flexibility of the communications and alarm configuration in this product allow it to be applied with little or no hard-wiring, providing great cost savings for the users.
SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel features:

  • Flexible Communications: Provides up to 4 ports with common industry protocols
  • Programmable Logic: Implement complex alarms in logic
  • Sequential Events Recorder: Expedite installation and analysis with time-stamped records
  • Rugged and Reliable Operation: Meets stringent type tests
  • PC Software and HMI: Offers a simple user interface for device management with included software
Power. Flexible. Easergy.
Protecting your electrical assets? today and tomorrow