Lessons Learned

Digital Medium Voltage Switchgear

Today many different types of systems are available to automate distribution feeders.  The primary reliability improvement functions include fault locate, isolate and service restoration (FLISR) and automatic transfer functionality (ATS).  These functions greatly improve the reliability KPI’s of distribution feeders, and can vary in architecture between centralized, decentralized or a combination of both.  Centralized systems have traditionally been the solution of choice to automate distribution feeder networks.  These systems have to wait for the protection systems to disconnect faults in the network before they can take action to then locate the faulted feeder segment, reconfigure the feeder, and supply alternate power to unaffected areas of the network.  Decentralized systems in contrast, provide the capability to synchronize protection and automation functionality in the field devices to provide faster fault isolation and system configuration actions. Furthermore, centralized systems are restricted in the topology changes they can make based on the protection systems’ flexibility to accept the change. More

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