Authors: Eric A. Udren, Quanta Technology LLC, and Catherine Dalton, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)


The IEEE PES PSRC Committee meeting was held May 7-10 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA.
There were 241 attendees, including 23 newcomers that attended our orientation session. We are introducing a mentorship program and continue to grow the membership at each meeting.

PSRC Awards 
1.  Michael Higginson received the PSRC Young Professional Award
2.  IEEE-SA Award, Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Bruce Magruder, chair and Will Knapek, vice chair for WG I23, Revision of C57.13.1 Guide for Field Testing of Relaying CTs

H Subcommittee update:  IEEE C37.248 Guide for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV) was completed by the H23 WG. PSRC SC H congratulates WG H23 on completing the Guide and a summary paper!
A new Task Force HTF48 was established in May 2018 to explore the need to develop training material on synchrophasor applications.

PSRC SC H would like to encourage industry’s participation in the on-going efforts below:

  • HTF47 Impact of digital communications on protection and control applications
  • HTF46 Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) used in utility automation systems
  • H45 PC37.300 Guide for Centralized Protection and Control (CPC) Systems within a Substation
  • H44 PC2030.100.1 Guide on Monitoring and Diagnostics of IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sampled Values Based Systems
  • H40 PC37.1.2 Recommended Practice for Databases Used in Utility Automation Systems
  • H27: PC37.251 Standard for Common Protection and Control Settings or Configuration Data Format (COMSET)

The C18 Working Group has completed and IEEE has published the new standard C37.246 “Guide for Protection Systems of Transmission to Generation Interconnections.”  The C20 Working Group also recently completed its report “Impact of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Based HVDC Transmission on AC System Protection” which is available on the PSRC website.

J Subcommittee: The J SC met with 18 members and 14 guests. There are two working groups in the process of balloting: J5 - Application of out of step protection for generators and J14 - Plant protection issues related to Black Starting. These are expected to be completed by the year end.

Two working groups: J12 - Improved generator ground fault protection and J13 - Modeling of Controls for Coordinating Generator Relays have their reports nearing completion.
We have two guides under revision: C37.101 - Generator Ground Fault Protection and C37.102 - AC Generator Protection.

This effort is still in its early stages but work on both guides is proceeding smoothly.
In J15 - Investigation of the Criteria for the Transfer of Motor Buses, there was a presentation by Tom Beckwith and Dr. Murty Yalla. It included a preview of an upcoming paper on the calculation of transient torques experienced by motors during a residual voltage, motor bus transfer. Results for a three-motor system at various closing angles were presented.

JTF1 had its first meeting. This task force will develop a PAR for C37.106 - revision of the guide for Abnormal Frequency Protection for Power Generating Plants. The PAR documentation is currently under development and it is expected that the PAR will be submitted to NESKOM in the second half of this year.

JTF2 had its first meeting. This task force will deal with protection issues related to sub-synchronous oscillation. It’s well known that these events can cause serious damage to synchronous generators and to wind turbines. The events themselves generally result from an interaction between rotating machinery and elements located in the power system including series capacitors or power electronic devices. It will therefore be beneficial to have wide participation from the PSRC attendees.

K10 Update:  Assignment: To interface with SCC21/P1547 in order to reduce unnecessary delays by getting PSRC input into the process without having to wait for after-the-fact coordination.
Discussed updates to IEEE 1547, 1547.1, 1547.2, and the newly formed 1547.9. Presentations were given regarding the changes to the newly published, as of April 8th, 1547-2018. Work on 1547.2 is ramping up.
September 10-14, 2018 is the next IEEE PES PSRC meeting to be held in Minneapolis, MN at the Hyatt Regency.

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