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ABB - Plant-wide autosynchronization using REX640

REX640, the newest member of ABB's Relion® protection and control family of relays, offers a variety of ready-made application packages to choose from, of which autosynchronization is one. REX640 is able to manage the plant-wide autosynchronization system, including both generator and non-generator circuit breakers. The REX640 relays interact using binary and analog GOOSE signaling ... More

Edmund O. Schweitzer III Inducted in the US National Inventors Hall of Fame

On May 2, 2019 Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer III was inducted into the United States National Inventors Hall of Fame in the class of 2019. The event was hosted in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and welcomes as new inductees people who have made exceptional contributions to society, such as Edison and Tesla.  The induction of Ed Schweitzer is related to his... More

GE Grid Solutions

MiCOM P40 Agile Cybersecurity & High Bandwidth Ethernet GE announces the release of MiCOM P40 version 91 with enhanced cybersecurity, assisting utilities in their compliance with NERC CIP, NISTIR 7628 and EU NIS foundation norms.  Role-based access control for centralized authentication, authorization and account management is added, using the industry-standard Radius protocol. ... More

Is a Self-powered Relay Possible?

Fanox launches to market a new Self-powered Relay, starting up from low current values, unbelievable tripping times, and providing complete functionality in self-powering conditions offering current feeder protection features. Just a standard current transformer with 2,5 VA burden is necessary to get it. This relay is an OC&EF relay including autoreclosing (ANSI 79) and breaker monitorin... More

More of what you want in an Orion

NovaTech announces the OrionLX+ as its latest offering in the Orion family of substation automation platforms. The OrionLX+ adds new power and flexibility for larger, more challenging applications, plus add features to simplify usage and reduce costs of ownership. OrionLX+ shares the same operating system and configuration techniques of other members of the Orion Family: OrionLX CPX, Ori... More

New online training courses for zenon

COPA-DATA is extending its online training courses for its energy automation software platform zenon. Each training course is divided into several e-learning units. In this way, zenon engineering know-how can be learnt when it’s most convenient for users. The latest training course deals with the Command Sequencer in zenon Energy Edition. zenon Command Sequencer can be used to ea... More

Parallel FPGA-based SMV Processing for Cloud-Computing

SoC-e unveils SMVsubscriber, the first IP Core focused on massive IEC 61850-9-2 Sampled Measured Values (SMV) processing for on-premises/external FPGA accelerated cloud servers. Thanks to this full-hardware processing, the IP offers a fixed latency of 6us for the 1st harmonic parameters and for RMS computation for a parallelized computing of 320 SMV streams using a medium-size device. ... More

Relyum's in-box solution for IEC 62351-6 and -9 standards

Relyum's in-box solution for IEC 62351-6 and -9 standards The implementation of IEC 62351-6 presents the highest computational requirements, as it has to perform the authentication and the encryption of GOOSE and SMV in few microseconds, in order to guarantee the 3ms transfer time. In this scenario, key management represents a great challenge. Relyum has developed the first in-box solutio... More

StationGuard Cyber Security Monitoring System for Substations

StationGuard is OMICRON's new IDS (Intrusion Detection System.) It protects critical infrastructures like protection engineering, SCADA technology, and the station automation system (SAS) against almost all conceivable cyber-attacks or illogical switching actions. StationGuard not only detects unauthorized activity on the substation network, but also identifies problems in the IEC 61850... More
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