Cigre Study Committee B5

by Rannveig Loken, Norway

News from Cigre Study Committee B5   Protection and Automation

During the Cigre Study Committee B5 (SC B5) colloquium in Auckland 2017, 3 new working groups were suggested.
The first group was approved by the Technical Committee chairman in November 2017:
    WG B5.66 Cyber Security requirements for PACS and the Resilience of PAC Architectures. The Convener of this working group is Dennis Holstein from USA

During the Cigre session in Paris, SC B5 will organize the tutorial "Challenges and solutions for the maintenance of fully digital substation" on Monday, 27th of August.
During the poster session for SC B5 that will take place Tuesday 28th of August there is a possibility to discuss the papers with the authors.

The following Preferential Subjects will be discussed on Wednesday 29th of August, during the Cigre session in Paris 2018:

  • PS1 - Protection under system emergency conditions:
    • Emergency loading, load shedding and islanding, practices and experiences
    • System oscillation detection and out of step / pole slipping techniques
    • Thermal protection
    • Special reporter will be Prof. Nirmal-Kumar Nair (NZ)
  • PS2 - User experience and current practice with IEC 61850 process bus:
    • Interoperability between merging units, stand alone and associated to NCIT, and Protection functions
    • Experience from FAT, SAT, commissioning and maintenance of process bus based equipment and functions
    • Use of process bus for metering and monitoring of HV equipment
    • Special reporter will be Prof. Ray Zhang (UK)

The Special report for SC B5 with summary of all the papers for PS1 and PS2 and questions related to the papers will be distributed in June 2018.
The next SC B5 Colloquium will be held in Tromso in Norway in the last week of June 2019.
The latest Technical Brochure published by SC B5 is “Control and automation systems for Electricity Distribution Networks (EDN) of the future.”
The objective of the Joint Working Group (JWG) C6/B5.25/CIRED is the control and automation systems for the future electric networks with particular reference to the TSO/DSO interface.

The Technical Brochure written by JWG is mainly focused to evaluate the level of automation and control necessary to better manage distribution networks with large penetrations of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), as seen from both the Transmission Systems Operators (TSO) and Distribution System Operators (DSO) perspectives, and to provide services and information about the two level of management (i.e. at TSO and DSO level).

The brochure can be downloaded free of charge by CIGRE members from the e-Cigre web site and can be purchased by non-members 

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