September 2010 Issue
This immediately creates a barrier that may be difficult to overcome. It can stop us from looking carefully and trying to find out if it really is so different and what we can apply from what we know to the new world we live in. Many things are just a matter of perception. What is different is the technology that is being used to implement the same things that we can do with copper wires, ... More


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Industry News

AREVA T&D Sale Finalized

On 7 June, 2010 Alstom and Schneider Electric proceed with the closing of the transaction with Areva for the acquisition of Areva T&D, its transmission and distribution businesses, after obtaining the approvals of the relevant competition authorities and the French privatization commission - Commission des Participations et des Transferts (CPT) .   A consortium agreement was signed... More

IEC 61850 Certification for L-PRO

Transmission Line Protection Relay ERLPhase Power Technologies, a provider of easy-to-use protection relays and digital fault recorders, announced on 20 July, 2010 the IEC 61850 protocol certification of its L-PRO 4000 Transmission Line Protection Relay. Issued by the Central Power Research Institute of India, this independent assessment is based on the UCA International Users Group Device... More


A break-through solution has been demonstrated IEC 61850 is THE standard for protection and substation automation systems. The standard is intended to be used in centralized and distributed power generation as well as in distribution, factory and process automation domains. The high cost for the implementation of IEC 61850 is one of the crucial reasons why the standard is being used in rel... More

New Adapter - Converts SEL Relay EIA-485 Ports to Fiber-Optic Links

The SEL-9220 Fiber-Optic Adapter for SEL-300 Series Relays is now available. The SEL-9220 mounts directly to the EIA-485 port on the relay connector and converts the EIA-485 port to a dedicated point-to-point fiber-optic link. The SEL-9220 is compatible with SEL-2812 Fiber-Optic Transceivers with IRIG-B and built-in fiber-optic interfaces on a variety of SEL devices.  It uses one p... More

New Power System Protection Courses

This autumn, the Joule Centre for Energy Research will be launching a series of new courses in Power System Protection. The Joule Centre was awarded funding to establish the course by the UK Government Higher Level Skills Partnership, and the syllabus has been designed in response to requests from the electrical power industry:  Understanding of Electrical Power Systems (relevant ... More


Quick and easy manual testing with the CMC test sets OMICRON electronics has introduced a new device to control its CMC test sets. As an alternative to the powerful PC-based Test Universe, there is now the option of a front panel control to provide instant availability and easy operation. The new CMControl is designed for quick manual verification of test objects, utilizing an intuitive... More

RuggedBackbone(tm) RX1500 Series from RuggedCom

Rugged and Modular Hot-Swappable Layer 3 Switch & Router The RuggedBackboneTM RX1500 Platform supports up to 36 ports 10/ 100TX, 24 ports 100FX, or 8 ports GigE in a variety of form factors. Support for Layer 3 switching, a variety of WAN interfaces and advanced ROX(tm) firmware provide carrier grade features and throughput. Its modular design gives customers the freedom to repl... More

SmartDVS(tm) DVS1000

Substation Hardened Digital Video Server The SmartDVSTM is the industry's first "substation hardened" digital video recorder designed to withstand harsh substation environments (EMI, -40C to +85C operating temperature) and which meets electric utility specifications for electronic systems (IEC61850-3, IEEE 1613, C37.90). It is a powerful video server appliance that digitally recor... More

Yukon IED Manager Suite from Cooper Power Systems

Cooper Power Systems announced the availability of Yukon IED Manager Suite (IMS) version 3.3. Substation solutions and IMS integrate all IEDs into a cohesive, automated whole. They provide complete, enterprise-wide access to operational and non-operational substation data, in a highly secure environment, through a comprehensive communications infrastructure that allows the user to: &nbs... More

Technology News

Launch of a Floating Nuclear Power Plant

In the Autumn 2007 issue of PAC World we talked about the development of floating nuclear power plants.  This interesting concept is now becoming a reality, as demonstrated by the fact that on 30 June 2010, a floating power plant was launched at the Baltic Shipyard Company in St. Petersburg, Russia.  The power unit “Academician Lomonosov” is the key element of the wo... More

Nissan Leaf - a 100% electric, zero tailpipe emission car

In two previous issues of the PAC World magazine we discussed electric cars – first the Tesla roadster (an exciting fully electric car, but too expensive for PAC specialists) and then General Motors' Volt (an electric car with a gasoline generator). It looks like that Nissan will be the first company to put on the market an affordable (relatively) pure electric car. In June 2010 N... More

Q - seven - New Solutions

The fast changing electric power systems PAC industry is developing many new applications related to the concept of the Smart Grid. The development of proprietary hardware solutions from scratch is practically impossible and definitely non-efficient. Looking at what is being done in other industries can help speed up the development process and bring new solutions to our industry. One of t... More

Cover Story

Ethernet for IEC 61850

Substation Communication Networks This article looks at the key issues and considerations when designing an Ethernet network for substation automation applications. Specific topics addressed are environmental robustness, copper cables and fiber optics, network switching and latency, topologies, redundancy, quality of service, virtual LANs, priority tagging for GOOSE and Sampled Values, op... More

IEC 61850 Update

IEC 61850 Edition 2 update

In the mean time, Part 6 and part 7-4 have been published. Part 7-2, 7-3, 8-1 and 9-2 have been finalized by the working group and are now in the process to be published by IEC. It is expected to have part 7-1 as well ready to be published at the end of August. The working group also has drafts of part 1 and 3 ready to be circulated as committee drafts for comment. Besides that, a draft o... More

Lessons Learned

Experience with Testing and Configuration of IEC 61850 Multivendor Protection Schemes

A test device must be able to subscribe as well as publish GOOSE messages. The IED being tested will publish or send a GOOSE to tell the breaker to trip. The test device subscribes to the GOOSE issued by the IED under test and reacts to it according to the test procedure. Some of the challenges facing the testing of IEC 61850 include the lack of knowledge that protection specialists hav... More


Evaluation of Protection System Performance Using DFR and Relay Comtrade Files

The protection analysis system was developed on top of a previous work. Introduction: Some distribution utilities in Brazil own and operate transmission assets rated 138 kV and bellow. The right-of-way paths in metropolitan areas are optimized by installing parallel lines, which raises protection selectivity problems. In fact, these lines usually supply high density load centers and non-sele... More


Implementing Firewalls for Modern Substation Cybersecurity

Historically, Ethernet operated with the idea that all devices on a network are trustworthy. That is, networked devices can be trusted with any information they receive from the network, and networked devices will not attempt to cause harm to the network or other networked devices. The idea that all Ethernet devices are trustworthy worked well when there was limited access to computer ne... More

Substation Communications

Network Solutions and their Usability in Substation Applications

In substations, IEC 61850 communications based on Ethernet networking are state of the art today. Four types of communications take place on such networks: Client – Server based on TCP/IP MMS (connection oriented) Basic services like NTP, SNMP, HTML (non time critical) GOOSE directly on Layer 2   (multicast, repetition mechanism) Sampled Values direct... More

Legal Issue

Whistle Blowing

To stay on track some executives might be tempted to use a ‘shortcut’, which may turn out to be an illegal way of doing business. The fight for saving costs and profit maximization is exhaustive and when temptation overpowers individuals' integrity and values, whistleblowing might  be the only way out of legal troubles. The whistleblowing dilemma: Large organizations can eas... More


Architecture of Substation Secondary Systems

These include relatively short asset life compared with electromechanical relays, long installation and commissioning outages and complicated Post Delivery Support Agreements (PDSA). Recently National Grid has undergone substantial business and organization changes. New connections for the renewable energy, asset replacement for the aging network have hugely increased capital investment schem... More

The Guru

Dr. Mohindar S. Sachdev

PAC World:   Dr. Sachdev, where were you born? M.S.: I was born in the city of Amritsar that is the prime seat of the Sikh religion. This city is in the province of Punjab, India. PAC World:  Where did you go to school and did you have any special interests while there? M.S.:   I studied in the Municipal Primary School from Grade 1 to 4; in Government High ... More


Protection History: Generation Protection

Overvoltage Protection        To avoid dangerous increases of the voltage in the windings of the machine and connected assets the rise-in-voltage protection was developed. The main reasons recognized: Increase with the voltage drop during sudden load-rejection as in case of trip during a short circuit. Soft generators (huge scatter... More

I Think

The Metrics for Smart Grid

There are people questioning the need for Smart Grids while others are more than convinced that it is the only way to handle the future.  So what is the truth regarding Smart Grids? Unfortunately I do not have the answer either, but I do have some suggestions on how we can justify the investments in Smart Grids and create the right expectations for all of us involved in the process, from... More

Industry Reports

Acceptable Functional Integration in HV Substations

Working Group B5.13 Report by  Dr. Alexander Apostolov (Convener) The introduction of microprocessor based relays more than two decades ago resulted in a natural process of ever-increasing complexity of the functionality of different types of protection relays that expanded into multifunctional Intelligent Electronic Devices.  The Technical Brochure covers the impact of Functi... More

CIGRÉ Brazilian SC B5 - Protection & Automation since 2004

CIGRÉ Brazilian SC B5 - Protection & Automation since 2004 by  Jorge Miguel Ordacgi F. and Raul Balbi Sollero on behalf of Brazilian CIGRE SC B5, Brazil Palais de Congrès, Sunday evening:  CIGRÉ 40th Paris Session was being started in August, 2004. Two Brazilian guys, feeling a bit shy, were registering themselves with a strong determination: showing Bra... More

Conference Reports

2010 IEEE PES General Meeting Minneapolis, MN, USA

The IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting was held on 25 - 29 July, 2010. The 2010 IEEE PES General Meeting was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, USA. It was a gathering of thousands of electric  power systems professionals from all corners of the world that gathered to discuss the issues that our industry needs to address. The program included a wide va... More

Georgia Tech Protective Relay Conference, 2010

The 64th Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference was held 5 - 7 May, 2010 at the Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown, Atlanta, USA.  This is one of the annual specialized protection and control conferences that bring together every spring specialist from the protection and control field predominantly from the United States, but also from many other countries, to discuss th... More

The Inaugural PAC World Conference, Dublin, Ireland

The event was held 21-24 June, 2010 in Dublin, Ireland. The idea to start another conference in Europe came as the result of analysis of the needs of the industry and the events that typically take place. The experience of three successful annual specialized protection and control conferences in the United States and the fact that there is no such annual conference in Europe was the trigg... More

Book Review

Fault Location on Power Networks

In the time when the electric power industry is moving in the direction of a smarter grid, one of the important requirements for faster progress is the understanding of the different technologies that can help us achieve this goal. One of the first non-protection functions that have been implemented for more than two decades since microprocessors started slowly getting into substation... More


Sudoku for Mental Strength

by Ian Riensche, Tacoma Power, USA What does a protection and control engineer like to do after working with pickups, levels and duties all day?  Go home and play with numbers of course.  The object of my preoccupation is Sudoku, the number placement game that has become a standard fixture in newspapers around the world. Sudoku is not just an addictive pastime of mill... More

Final Thoughts
IEC 61850 is continuously gaining popularity in the electric power protection, automation and control industry. More and more utilities are embracing it as their standard communications protocol. As our readers have seen in the Industry News section in many issues of this magazine, more and more manufacturers are announcing that they have products that support IEC 61850. The discussions hav... More

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