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IEEE PES PSRC Update 04 – 2019

by Catherine Dalton, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The IEEE PES PSRC held its September 2019 meeting in Denver, CO. The Advisory, System Protection, Line Protection, Relaying Communications, Relaying Practices, Rotating Machinery Protection, and Substation Protection subcommittees of the PSRC all met, following meetings of more than one hundred working groups (WG), task forces (TF), and study groups (SG) of these subcommittees. Updates from each subcommittee were presented to PSRC’s Main Committee in a final session. The advisory committee is working to strengthen PSRC awareness by preparing technical articles as may be required for the promotion of technical committee WG activities about the art of relaying, and the work of the PSRC.

Technical Paper Coordinator Report: At the PES GM in Atlanta, the PSRC committee had two transactions paper sessions, one poster paper and one panel session. For the April 20-23, 2020 IEEE T&D meeting in Chicago, 13 papers have been submitted and are under review.

Awards and Recognition: 2019 IEEE PES WG Outstanding Technical Report PES-TR68: Impact of Inverter Based Generation on Bulk Power System Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance. This Technical Report was a collaboration between IEEE/PSRC and NERC. It has the highest download count ever from the IEEE Resource Center; PSRC Contribution by CTF34; K. Jones – Chair; G. Kobet -Vice Chair.

PSRC Main Committee New Members Class of 2019 include the following: M. Best, M. Black, J. Blumschein, O. Bolado, C. Dalton, R. Gamble, A. Goldstein, M. Higginson, W. Knapek, M. Patel, P. Tatro, J. Versoza, C. Walker, and D. Ware.

Bronze service awards for 15 years of volunteer service to the PSRC were awarded to the following: S. Sabasiban, J. Niemira, H. Monterrubio, W. McCannon, S. Kunsman, S. Kim, J. M. Gers.

Silver service awards for 25 years of volunteer service were awarded to the following: C. Sufana, K. Fodero, P. Carroll, B. Dickerson.

WG completion awards:

  • WG I11 C37.241-2017 IEEE Guide for Application of Optical Instrument Transformers for Protective Relaying – F. Rahmatian – Chair, B. Pickett – Vice Chair
  • WG I23 – C57.13.1-2017 – IEEE Guide for Field Testing of Relaying Current Transformers – B.Magruder – Chair, W. Knapek – Vice Chair
  • WG I24 – Use of Hall Effect Sensors for Protection and Monitoring Applications – J. Niemira – Chair; J. Long – Vice Chair
  • WG I25 – Commissioning Testing of Protection Systems – R. Garcia – Chair; K. Donahoe – Vice Chair
  • WG I27 – Investigation of Protective Relay Self-Monitoring Capabilities – R. Moxley – Chair; C. Dalton – Vice Chair

Each PSRC technical subcommittee has numerous WGs working on new and existing standards and guides, some of which are expected to enter a balloting stage soon. PSRC’s System Protection Subcommittee C has just published PC37.247, “Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) for Power Systems.” Another C WG has presented its conference summary paper from the C37.246 Guide for Protective Systems of Transmission-to-Generation Interconnections at four Protection conferences. Another is forming a ballot body for PC37.242, Guide to the Synchronization, Calibration, Installation and Testing of PMUs for Power System Protection and Control.

PSRC’s I Subcommittee is working on the IEEE C37.90.x family of standards, which are being revised along with IEEE 1613 to define environmental and electrical performance requirements of protective relays and harmonize with other standards. WG I32 has developed a survey of protection practices. Much effort has been spent to develop questions that will help inform practitioners and designers of users’ practices and the present state of the art in power system protection. Task Force ITF43 Investigate Response to USA Executive Order Regarding EMP Protection met with an interesting presentation on Electromagnetic Pulse. A new Task Force ITF44 was formed to Investigate Skills required to Program, Commission, Test & Maintain Relays and Relays Systems including IEC 61850.

The Standard Coordinator has reported numerous topics of interest, including the detailed status of PAR related projects. Also, SA editorial staff presented an overview of SA updates at the Standard’s Coordinator’s meeting and also presented the Standard Template at a Lunch & Learn. Both sessions were well attended and very useful. In addition, SA hosted a webinar on the Entity PAR process on September 25. Training that covers the iMeet process. policies and procedures, and word usage are planned for upcoming meetings.

At its September Main Committee meeting, the PSRC members listened to a special presentation made by M. J. Higginson on the topic of Microgrid Protection Systems. WG C30 has completed its report, which is published on the PES technical resource center as PES-TR71.

A guide for the design of microgrid protection systems (P2030.12) is now being developed in WG C38.

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Future meetings: January 12-16, 2020 – Jacksonville, FL; May 4-7, 2020—Nashville, TN; September 21-24—Reno, Nevada


Catherine Dalton is a Strategic Account Executive at EPRI. She has broad experience in the electric utility industry. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and an active participant in IEEE PES PSRC. She has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering (Ohio State University,) and a MBA from the University of Dayton. Previously she worked for American Electric Power, Basler Electric, SEL and Beckwith Electric.