IEEE PSRC Update Industry Updates


PES Power System Relaying and Control (PSRC) Committee is responsible for the development of standards, guides and reports covering different aspects of protection and control of electric power systems.

The IEEE PES Power System Relay Committee (PSRC)meeting scheduled in September 2021 was successfully conducted via a series of many webcasts for all the Working Group meetings, Subcommittee meetings, and Main Committee meeting. The virtual meeting was attended by 456 people from 20 countries.

Regarding IEEE Senior Membership we want to encourage our IEEE Members who aren’t already IEEE Senior Members to apply for the upgrade.

Because we believe that award recipients deserve peer recognition in a face-to-face ceremony, no PSRC awards will be announced or issued during virtual meetings. All new and pending PSRC awards will be issued at our next PSRC physical meeting during the previously announced new Awards Ceremony section of the Monday reception dinner. Future May and September PSRC meetings will feature this awards ceremony, not January JTCM meetings.

PSRC’s subcommittees have been working diligently. These subcommittees include: Advisory, System Protection, Line Protection, Relaying Communications, Relaying Practices, Rotating Machinery Protection, and Substation Protection subcommittees. The Advisory committee continues to strengthen PSRC awareness by preparing technical articles as may be required for the promotion of technical committee working group activities about the art of relaying, and the work of the PSRC.

Each PSRC technical subcommittee has numerous working groups that are working on new and existing standards and guides. Updates are as follows:

The System Protection (C) Subcommittee is working on C37.233 Guide for Power System Protection Testing, C37.242 Guide to the Synchronization, Calibration, Installation and Testing of PMUs for Power System Protection and Control, C37.120 Protection System Redundancy for Power System and also submitted a tutorial on the Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (from C37.247) to the 2022 IEEE PES General Meeting. A new Task Force was formed in C is on Relay Modeling in Electromechanical Dynamic Simulations

The Line Protection (D) Subcommittee is working on C37.104 IEEE Guide for Automatic Reclosing for AC Distribution and Transmission Lines, C37.243 Guide for Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital and a Report on Single Phase Trip and Reclose on Transmission Lines- Working Group Created.

The Relaying Communications and Control Subcommittee (H) has finished and published Report on “COMTRADE: Next Generation”. Work is going on IEEE P1646 Communication Delivery Time Performance, IEEE P1854 Use Guide for Smart Distribution Applications and a PAR to revise IEEE Standard for Common Format for Transient Data Exchange (COMTRADE).

Relaying Practices Subcommittee (I) is working on C37.90.x and IEEE 1613, C37.90.1 – SWC and EFT, C37.92 – analog inputs, C37.235 – Rogowski coils. Other work includes Review of Relay Testing Terms, C37.103-2015 – IEEE Guide for Differential and Polarizing Relay Circuit Testing, C37.110 – CT application, C37.231-2006 – IEEE Recommended Practice for Microprocessor-Based Protection Equipment Firmware Control.

Rotating Machinery Protection Subcommittee (J) is working on Modeling generator controls (report), Motor protection tutorial, C37.101 Generator ground protection, C37.102 AC generator protection, C37.106 Abnormal Frequency and C37.96 Motor protection. New WG J24 Disturbance Recording applied to Generators and Auxiliary Systems and WG J25 Synchronous condenser protection were formed.

Substation Protection (K) Subcommittee published guide C37.91-2021, Guide for Protecting Power Transformers and completed summary paper for report on Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Impacts on Protective Systems. It is also working on PC37.234, Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses, SCC21 DER std coordination, Static Shunt Compensators, Shunt Capacitors, Shunt Reactors, Utility-Consumer Interconnections and Reducing outage durations

A new WG-is starting work on C37.119, Guide for Breaker Failure Protection of Power Circuit Breakers.

The Main Committee meeting included three special presentations:

  • Geomagnetic Disturbances (GMD) Impacts on Protection Systems — Qun Qiu and Steve Klecker.
  • Protection of Wind Electric Plants — Martin Best
  • COMTRADE: Next Generation – Mark Adamiak

Future Meetings: January 9 – 12, 2022 –Garden Grove, CA • May 9-12, 2022 – Reno, NV


Catherine Dalton is a Strategic AccountExecutive at EPRI. Shehas broad experiencein the electric utilityindustry. She is aSenior Member ofthe IEEE, and anactive participantin IEEE PES PSRC.She has a Master’sdegree in electricalengineering (OhioState University,) and a MBA from the University of Dayton. Previously she workedfor American ElectricPower, Basler Electric,SEL and BeckwithElectric.