Evaluation of Protection System Performance Using DFR and Relay Comtrade Files

Some distribution utilities in Brazil own and operate transmission assets rated 138 kV and bellow. The right-of-way paths in metropolitan areas are optimized by installing parallel lines, which raises protection selectivity problems. In fact, these lines usually supply high density load centers and non-selective tripping could impact negatively the quality of the service, reflecting in indexes used by Brazilian Regulating Agency to impose penalties to the utilities.

On the other side, while these companies are investing in new and better protection equipment (numerical technology) some old equipment, mostly electromechanical, not designed to handle actual engineering analysis information in complex network topologies are still in service. In this context, an automated analysis system, capable of evaluating the protection operation against expected behaviors, pinpointing possible malfunctions and indicating problems prone to rise in the future, is highly desired More

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