NASPI Synchrophasor 2016, 1st International Synchrophasor Symposium

NASPI Synchrophasor 2016 - the first international synchrophasor symposium was held 22-24 March 2016 in Atlanta, USA.
Synchrophasor technology has been available for more than two decades and now is available in many multifunctional protection and control IEDs. It is being used for grid monitoring and analytics and is recognized as a critical element in the modernization of the electric power system. The North American Synchrophasor Initiative (NASPI) partnered with the International Energy Agency’s International Smart Grid Action Network, Transmission & Distribution Annex 6 group, in organizing the symposium and bringing together leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the current status of synchrophasor technology and its applications.

The program included Keynote presentations from U.S. DOE, EPRI, NERC, IEA, and the host utility Southern Company. They were complemented by invited presentations on several of the largest synchrophasor deployments worldwide.
The program also included panels on international technical interoperability standards, cascading outages, renewables integration, control room solutions, and distribution-level uses of synchrophasor technology

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