Author: Craig Preuss, Black & Veatch, USA


The Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee (PSCCC) Cybersecurity Subcommittee (S0) is rapidly expanding and requires additional industry experts with utility cybersecurity domain experience to support our competence building and industry awareness needs, as follows:

  • WG S1 is revising IEEE 1686, “Standard for Intelligent Electronic Devices Cybersecurity Capabilities.” It is presently developing use cases to ensure proper coverage of all IED cybersecurity capabilities
  • WG S5 is revising IEEE C37.240, “Cybersecurity Requirements for Power System Automation, Protection and Control Systems.”  The working group is looking for contributors to support further refinement and expansion of the published work
  • IoT for Connected Home - Communication and Cybersecurity Requirements. TF S6 is producing a report describing the different use cases for the connected homes concept. It will prepare a security risk analysis and propose requirements for telecommunication and cybersecurity
  • Electrical Power System Cyber Device Function Numbers, Acronyms, and Designations. TF S7 is exploring the creation of cyber device function numbers, acronyms, and designations for equipment used in electrical power systems
  • Testing Power System Cybersecurity Controls. TF S8 is investigating the need for and creation of policies and procedures for the testing and commissioning of cybersecurity controls and measures used in electrical power systems
  • Utility IT-OT Cybersecurity Challenges in Roles and Terminology. This study group will assess the IT-OT challenge in utility cybersecurity roles and determine if a report is needed to assist in building organizational understanding and collaboration
  • Utility and Municipality Challenges on Understanding Cybersecurity Standards. This study group will assess the challenge facing utilities and municipalities with limited resources on the applicability and relevance of the cybersecurity standards


The Protocols and Architecture Subcommittee (P0) has the following active groups:

  • P3 WG, “Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std. 1815 (DNP3).” With a published 1815.1 standard, the group is requesting user feedback on their implementation experience
  • P10, IEEE Standard for Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol (STTP). The group is currently working on submitting a PAR for a new protocol being developed by the DOE. The use case is for transferring large amounts of data quickly and without data loss within a control center and between control centers. The protocol also allows the data to be broken down easily into data types. The group is looking for people that are experts in computer based systems and database systems to become members
  • P12 TF, Analog Leased Line End of Life and Migration. Many utilities are migrating or considering the migration of their protection and SCADA communication circuits from leased lines to other technologies. This report will discuss the existing state of leased lines along with options going forward

The Power Line Carrier Subcommittee (C0) has the following active groups:

  • C93.5 - Draft Standard for Requirements for Power Line Carrier Transmitter/Receiver Equipment used to Transfer Discrete Teleprotection Signals. This working group expects to complete this standard in about a year
  • IEEE 643 - IEEE Guide for Power-Line Carrier Applications. This working group will start once C93.5 finishes its work

To express an interest in any of this work, simply visit the PSCCC website to get connected!

BeijingSifang June 2016