Author: Craig Preuss, Black & Veatch, USA


With this inaugural update from the Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee (PSCCC), readers may be wondering about the group that is a technical committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES).

Formed from the PES reorganization, the PSCCC builds upon the Power System Communications Committee groups with other PES groups working on communications and cybersecurity:

  • The H subcommittee in the old Power System Relaying Committee and
  • The complete C0 subcommittee from the Substations Committee

One important task completed in 2016 by the PSCCC was defining the relationship between the PSRCC and PSCCC. Simply stated, the PSRCC and other Committees define the technical and business requirements for communication, cybersecurity, time synchronization, and jitter necessary to support their applications and systems.

The PSCCC develops the communication and cybersecurity services to meet those requirements, presently through growing 32 standards.

A complete scope is available from the PSCCC website

While scope delineation is very important to technical experts, the PSCCC also actively seeks to actively outreach and coordinate with power industry groups also working on communications and cybersecurity, such as other standards development organizations. For example:

  • IEC TC57 WG10 working on IEC 61850
  • ISA 99 working on cybersecurity for industrial control systems
  • IEC TC57 W15 working on cybersecurity for IEC TC57 WG10 protocols, etc.
  • Other organizations such as CIGRE D2
  • Other groups within the IEEE such as the Communications Society and IEEE 5G
  • The Electric Power Research Institute
  • NERC, and many, many others

Anyone with an interest can easily contact PSCCC officers via the PSCCC website contact page

This outreach is just one integral aspect of the PSCCC’s work, which is led by officers who were appointed in 2016. The PSCCC officers worked with the Power System Relaying and Control Committee (PSRCC) to establish joint meetings that started in 2017.

Future PSCCC meetings are presently planned to always coincide with the PSRCC January, May, and September meetings.

Meeting schedules are posted on websites for both the PSRCC ( and PSCCC (

Outside of its meetings and standards development activities, the PSCCC finished up 2017 with a busy year of activities.

The PSCCC was one of the sponsors for the IEEE Smart Grid Utility Cybersecurity Workshop (, which offered a forum where industry leaders, subject matters experts, and practitioners gathered to address the new security challenges facing the power industry.

A product is an IEEE Whitepaper that will state the current cyber security needs and challenges facing the power industry.

The PSCCC was also honored with the P3 working group receiving the PES Technical Committee Work Group Recognition Award for Outstanding Standard or Guide. P3 developed the IEEE 1815.1 standard to address the mappings between IEC 61850 protocols and DNP3 (IEEE 1815).

The working group is still active investigating dual-use logo with the IEC and describing another use case, using IEC 61850 SCL to configure DNP3.

But instead of reading about great work the PSCCC is accomplishing in this space, join us by visiting our website today! 

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