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Awards for members of CIGRE SC B5

By Ranveig Loken, Norway

CIGRE grants 7 kinds of distinctions in recognition of the services rendered by members, CIGRE Medal, CIGRE Fellow, Honorary Member, Technical Council award, Distinguished Member award, Thesis Award, and Next Generation Network Significant Contribution Award.

In addition, CIGRE Study Committee B5-Protection and Automation, have the Outstanding Service Award SC B5 where a nomination is suggested every year by the Study Committee B5 Chair and the decision is made by the SC B5 Strategic Advisory Group.

Technical Council Award 2022

This Award is granted to a few CIGRE Members as a reward for their active participation in the activities of the technical work of the Study Committees. Every two years, each Study Committee Chair puts forward one name from among members of his/her Study Committee or Working Groups. These proposals are approved by the Technical Council Chairman.

The Technical Council Awards for CIGRE Study Committee B5-Protection and Automation was granted to Peter Bishop (NZ),

CIGRE Distinguished Member Awards 2022

Every two years, longstanding services to CIGRE are rewarded by a “Distinguished Member” award, upon proposal from their National Committees.

Distinguished Member awards 2022 for CIGRE Study Committee B5-Protection and Automation members were granted to Marco Antonio MACCIOLA RODRIGUES (BR), Farnoosh RAHMATIAN (CA), and Jean-Yves ASTIC (FR),.

Outstanding Service Award, CIGRE Study Committee B5 2022

The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Nirmal NAIR (NZ) in recognition of his contribution, commitment and dedication to CIGRE Study Committee B5-Protection and Automation.