Beyond PAC Contributors

Contributors – Issue 066 December 2023

Diego Gasca  

Diego Gasca obtained his degree as Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer from Universidad del Cauca, Colombia. Since 2007 he has been participating in Electrical Substations projects around America, and soon found his passion in the Protection and Automation areas with a deep focus in IEC61850 and communications. In 2016 he joined the OMICRON Latin America team as a Protection and Power Utility Communication reginal specialist. Since 2020 he has been part of a consultancy team supporting utilities in digital substations projects around the globe.

Diego enjoys discovering scenic places, traveling abroad and barbeque weekends.

Anna Kulmala

Anna Kulmala is currently an R&D Project Manager at ABB Distribution Solutions. She has been leading and working in various European and national projects for more than 15 years. Her interests are focused on several aspects of the future smart grids such as novel distribution network protection concepts, active distribution network management and smart grid architectures. She received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering 2006 and 2014 from Tampere University of Technology, respectively.

In her leisure time Anna enjoys horse riding.

Philip VanSant

Philip VanSant, PE, Dominion Energy, Manager of the Electric Transmission Engineering Standards group. He has 18 years of industry experience in system protection and system operations. Philip has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Philip has hobby and passion for playing billiards.

Birkir Heimisson

Birkir Heimisson is a Specialist in Digital and Smart-Grid Development at Landsnet. He received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Iceland in 2011 & M.Sc in Electric Power Engineering from Chalmers University in 2014. He joined Landsnet (TSO of Iceland) as a system operator in 2014. Together with system operation, he led the Smart-grid development with focus on Wide-Area-Measurements and Control. Additionally, Heimisson was work-package leader for Landsnet in EU Horizon 2020 MIGRATE project. In 2019, he moved to research and development, where he focuses on Digital Substation implementation based on IEC 61850 and Smart-Grid Development.

Interest outside work: Family of four, hiking, mountain biking, running, (nerdy) smart homes / home-automation.