IEEE PSRC Update Industry Updates


PES Power System Relaying and Control (PSRC) Committee is responsible for the development of standards, guides and reports covering different aspects of protection and control of electric power systems.

We hope that all is well for our IEEE families as we continue to work through these currently challenging times. Due to the current state of the universe, the IEEE PES PSRC meeting scheduled in September 21-24, 2020 was a virtual meeting, and a very successful one at that. Welcome to the new PSRC Committee Secretary (2021-2022) G. Henneberg!

The subcommittees have been busily at work. These subcommittees: Advisory, System and Line Protection, Relaying Communications, Relaying Practices, Rotating Machinery and Substation Protection subcommittees, have been in regular contact and able to provide updates of activity. Updates are described. The Advisory committee continues to strengthen PSRC awareness by preparing technical articles as required for the promotion of technical committee WG activities.

Awards and Recognition: New main committee members include: A. Bapary, R. Chowdury, J. Espinosa, N. Gulczynski, D. K. Holstein, D. Ouellette, M. Ramirez, A. Tempone, S. Turner, and T.Warren.

Because we believe that award recipients deserve their peer recognition in a face to face ceremony, we will not be issuing or announcing PSRC awards during virtual meetings. All new and pending PSRC awards will be issued at our next PSRC physical meeting during the previously announced new Awards Ceremony section of the Monday reception dinner. Future May and September PSRC meetings will feature this awards ceremony, but not January JTCM meetings. Please take this into consideration when making travel plans for future PSRC meetings. Please don’t miss any opportunities to help recognize or be recognized for the work that our Committee and fellow PSRC members do throughout the year.

Reports of Interest:

  • Technical Paper Coordinator Report– Reviewing papers for IEEE Transactions and Conferences is a responsibility of all Main Committee Members.
  • CIGRE Report – M. Nagpal is the new Regular Member of B5 from Canada, replacing B. Kasztenny.
  • IEC Report – Eric Udren described the Work of IEC TC 95, Measuring Relays and Protection Systems, M. Yalla, Chair. USNC technical support by TAG and PSRC WG I4, E. Udren, Chair-N. Fischer, Vice Chair.
  • Standards Coordinator’s Report – D. Lukach gave a Big thank you to SC and WG Chairs for processing PARs last months! All PARs expiring in 2020 are accounted for via RevCom or extensions in-process or planned with NesCom.
  • IEEE P2800 Update – M. Patel discussed what to expect from IEEE P2800. The value it provides will be unified technical minimum requirements for IBR, and simplification and expedition of technical interconnection negotiations. It will be applicable to BPS-connected, large-scale wind, solar, energy storage and HVDC-VSC.
  • NERC Report – R. Bauer discussed: New Reliability Guidelines since January 2020, BPS Reliability perspectives on the adoption of IEEE-1547-2018, DER Data Collection for Modeling in Transmission Planning Studies, NERC Whitepapers/Reports, NERC-WECC report on Inverter-based Resource Modeling, BPS-Connected Inverter-based Resource Modeling and Studies, Review of NERC Reliability Standards White Paper–PRC-002, Fast Frequency Response Concepts and BPS Reliability needs White Paper.

PSRC Technical Subcommittee Updates: Each PSRC subcommittee has numerous WGs working on new and existing standards and guides.

The System Protection (C) subcommittee Reports:

C21: C37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation and Management of System Integrity Protection Schemes. Published, WG was disbanded. Thanks to Yi and Gene.

C23: Coordination of Synchrophasor Related Activities. New Vice-Chair – G. Brunello

C24: Modification of Commercial Fault Calculation Programs for Wind Turbine Generators, Published on Resource Center (TR-78) and PSRC, WG was disbanded. Thanks to Sukumar and Evangelos

C25:Report on Protection of Wind Electric Plants. WG resolving Subcommittee comments

C28:C37.242 Guide to the Synchronization, Calibration, Installation and Testing of PMUs for Power System Protection and Control, Resolved ballot comments–ready for recirculation

C32: Protection Practices for interconnecting solar or other inverter-based generation to utility transmission systems, Published on Resource Center (TR-81) soon on PSRC, WG disbanded, Thanks Mukesh, Mike J, and Mike H.

C39: C37.252 Guide for Testing Automatic Voltage Control Systems in Regional Power Grids. New Chair; X. Li and. Secretary; Z. Zhang

CTF42: Write a conference paper summarizing the new C37.250, Guide for Engineering, Implementation and Management of System Integrity Protection Schemes. Elevated to WG (C42)

CTF43:Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Protection and Control Apps. Elevated to WG (C43)

Approved two new Task Forces:

CTF44: Investigate the possibility of preparing one journal paper and one conference paper exclusively based on the material published in the WG C24 report. Chair – S. Brahma and Vice Chair / Secretary– E. Farantatos

CTF45:Investigate additional need for protection practices for interconnecting solar or other inverter-based generation to utility transmission systems (continuation of WG C31). Chair – M. Patel

The Line Protection (D) Subcommittee Reports:

D28: C37.230 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines – No comments in last recirculation ballot

Task Force DTF 46 started to create summary paper. Thanks to Brian and Claire

D41: Disbanded; Thanks to Ilia and Evangelos.

D42 & 44: PARs submitted for approval to revise guides

D43:WG created to update report “Effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying”

DTF45: Chair G. Ryan. Thanks to S. Hayes, PG&E and J. Berzins, Xcel Energy on presentations on wildfire risk mitigations

DTF47: Task Force created to investigate need to revise C37.243 Guide for Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital Communications

The Relaying Communications and Control Subcommittee (H) is responsible for 16 (out of 60) IEEE PSRC Standards. It currently has 16 active Working Groups (WGs): 8 are producing IEEE PSRC Standards and 8 are generating IEEE PSRC and PES Reports.

WG H22 PC37.249 Guide for Categorizing Security Needs for Protection Related Data Files is starting to form IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot Pool. Chair: A, Makki

New WG H51 starts a revision of C37.239 COMFEDE standard. Chair: M. Adamiak

WG H32 has published Report on Channel Performance Considerations for Ethernet Circuits Applied to Teleprotection. Chair: K. Fodero

WG H6 completed Report on “IEC 61850 Application Testing”, it was sent to PSRC Officers for final approval. Chair-C. Sufana. This WG first met on March 11, 1999.

New WG H49 met to initiate development of a Report/Tutorial on Application considerations for the Use of Packet-Switched Communication Channels for pilot protection and teleprotection schemes. Chair: G. Stroedter. This work is a continuation of published H32 report, and the plan is to focus on use cases & utilities experiences. We’d like to invite utility participants to join, please.

WG H47 is continuing work on a report on Impacts of IEC 61850 sampled values, GOOSE and PTP time synchronization on protection and control applications using process bus. Welcomes utility participants to share experiences. Chair: M. Kanabar.

New Work Discussions:

a. Revision of a dual logo COMTRADE standard

b. PRC-005-6 Implementation Guide for protection systems utilizing IEC 61850

The Relaying Practices Subcommittee (I) is working on coordinating and harmonizing the IEEE C37.90.x family of Standards for Relays, Relay Systems, and Control Devices used for Protection and Control of Electric Power Apparatus with the IEEE 1613 Standard for Environmental and Testing Requirements for Devices with Communications Functions Used with Electric Power Apparatus and with related IEC standards. They are also continuing their work on revision of standards and guides for application of current transformers (IEEE C37.110), Rogowski Coils (IEEE C37.235), and other Low-Energy Analog sensors (IEEE C37.92). Also underway is a Report to Investigate Response to USA Executive Order on EMP Protection. The I WG have been meeting on-line to continue their work. Task Force groups have been formed to investigate the need for a Report on Skills Required of Technicians to Install, Commission, and Maintain Protective Relay Systems Utilizing IEC 61850 Technology (ITF 44) and to Investigate the need for a Report on Grounding and Bonding Issues Associated with Protective Relays, Instrumentation, and Related Systems (ITF 45). Contributors are welcomed!

Rotating Machinery Protection Subcommittee (J) Reports: J has a few WGs that have wrapped up or are close to wrapping up:

  • J12 (improved generator ground fault) report is on the PES website
  • J13 (generator modeling) and J14 (black starting protection) have been balloted in the subcommittee; final versions will be sent to officers for final review
  • Progress has been made on three PAR activities. J17 AC generator protection and J19 Abnormal Frequency Protection will be balloting next year
  • J21 Motor protection tutorial had its first meeting as a working group. First meetings were held for two new task forces: Investigation of the need for a Generator Condition Monitoring WG and Investigation on the need for a disturbance recording WG
  • A PAR will be opened for C37.96, the Guide for AC Motor Protection. It expires 2022, may require revisions.
  • G. Kobet, will be the J SC chair in January; W. English – the Vice Chair

The Substation Protection (K) Subcommittee update is as follows:

  • Working groups near the finish line:
  • K11 “Methods for Detecting and Analyzing an Open Phase Condition of a Power Circuit to a Nuclear Plant Station Service or Startup Transformer”
  • PES – TR75 report
  • K16 – Power Transformer Protection
  • Recirculate
  • K18 – Secondary Networks
  • IEEE SA Revcom
  • K24 – Summary paper for PST guide
  • K28 – Transactions paper for GMD impact on protective systems

Established WG’s continuing work:

  • K10 – SCC21 DER std coordination
  • K12 – Static Shunt Compensators
  • K22 – Busses
  • K25 – Shunt Capacitors
  • K26 – Shunt Reactors

New Working Groups:

  • K27-Utility Consumer Interconnections
  • PAR submittal

Three Special Presentations:

  • The first was “How to use PSRC CT Saturation Calculator Spreadsheet with Example CT and System Data” by S. Turner
  • The second was “Methods for Detecting and Analyzing an Open Phase Condition of a Power Circuit to a Nuclear Plant Station Service or Startup Transformer” by C. Sufana
  • The third was “Protection of High-Penetration Distributed PV by Dr. Thomas McDermott. This project is seeking industry guidance and being monitored through December 31.

Catherine Dalton is a Strategic AccountExecutive at EPRI. Shehas broad experiencein the electric utilityindustry. She is aSenior Member ofthe IEEE, and anactive participantin IEEE PES PSRC.She has a Master’sdegree in electricalengineering (OhioState University,) and a MBA from the University of Dayton. Previously she workedfor American ElectricPower, Basler Electric,SEL and BeckwithElectric.