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New IEEE PES PSRCC web site

One of the main global industry organizations focused on the development of international standards, as well as technical reports related to electric power systems protection, automation and control is the IEEE PES Power Systems Relaying and Control (PSRC) committee. Its website is one of the important tools available to inform the PAC community of its goals, ongoing developments and accomplishments. 

The website has been updated with a clean new look thanks to Rick Gamble’s wonderful support.  

The home page of the website provides the scope of the PSRC and introduces the current officers of the committee.

The Meetings page contains information about the recent, current and future meetings, including details of their dates, location and venue.  It also provides links for event registration and the latest agenda.

The Membership page provides access to the PSRC directory, which is available there, including active working groups with membership lists. The PSRC uses IEEE PES Committee Management System (CMS) through profiles in MEMBERPLANET. Its use is mandatory among PES Technical Committees. 

The Knowledge Base page includes organization and procedure manual, policies and procedures for standards development, as well as for working groups and e-mail usage. 

A list of reports, presentations, and other resources produced by the PSRC (and others) on a variety of topics is available under a PSRC Development section. A list of standards maintained by the PSRC is also available there together with a lot of additional information about the history, achievements and lists of past chairs, PSRC Fellows and the recipients of the Distinguished service award. 

The Subcommittee page provides information on the active PSRC Working Groups and Task Forces filtered by Subcommittee

The PSRC committee website can be found at: