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New SIR-C Feeder Protection & Recloser

The SIR-C is the right solution for Recloser Control and Feeder Protection Relay with current, voltage, and frequency functions for primary and secondary distribution with an auxiliary power supply of 24-230 Vdc/ac. With the ability to measure voltage through capacitive or resistive sensors (LEAs) it has 4 current channels and up to 6 voltage channels.

The SIR-C provides complete feeder protection for industrial and utility, with flexible protection capabilities. Choose from Ethernet or serial communications and several protocols. Rear RS485 Port: IEC60870-5-103, Modbus RTU or DNP3.0 Serial. Rear RJ45 Port: Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3.0 TCP/IP or IEC60870-5- 104 + Web Server + SNTP Protocol.