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Texas A&M Protective Relay Conference

The event was preceded by a day of seminars organized by participating manufacturers.

The 75th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers was held 28-31 March 2022 in College Station, Texas.

The conference venue was mostly at the Memorial Student Center with some sessions at the Rudder tower of Texas A&M University.  Considering the changing pandemic conditions the conference this year was held as an in-person event. Under the circumstances we can say that it was very well attended, not very far from the pre-pandemic level

The conference was preceded by a day of seminars organized by manufacturers participating in the conference, followed by reception and exhibits at the Bethancourt Ballroom.

As usual the two-and-a-half day’s program included general and parallel paper sessions. The first day’s program started with a General session, followed by parallel sessions focusing on protection of substations and transmission systems, as well as protection testing and communications.

The conference program included papers focusing on new protection technologies, the impact of distributed energy resources on power system protection and control, IEC 61850 and its applications and many others.

During the lunch breaks and after the end of the afternoon sessions the participants visited the exhibition area to discuss with the exhibiting suppliers their latest innovative products and their application.