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Xelas Energy

R-GOOSE and R-SV protocol additions

Xelas Energy has implemented support of R-GOOSE and R-SV as follows:

  • Messages are Multicast over UDP, preserving the connectionless publish/subscribe model
  • Full support of R-MSVCB and R-GoCB control blocks
  • Messages are now routable beyond the substation to anywhere reachable by an IP network
  • Robust security can be applied to Routable messages via the Xelas Energy IEC 62351-6 security implementation for GOOSE and SV
  • Full compatibility with the SCL additions and UDPCOMADDR, introduced in IEC 61850-90-5
  • The new R-SV implementation is compatible with the UCA IUG 61850-9-2LE definitions, with an R-MSVCB control block replacing the existing MSVCB
  • Servers (or server simulators) can act as R-GOOSE or R-SV publishers or subscribers
  • Clients can act as R-GOOSE or R-SV subscribers