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IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership in Power Award 2023

The IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership in Power Award was established to recognize industry leaders for exceptional contributions to the promotion of the electric power engineering profession. The award is intended to highlight actions which encouraged the development and growth of electric power engineering practitioners and recognized the contributions electric power engineers make to society.

Dr. Damir Novosel is the 2023 recipient of this prestigious award “For promoting and mentoring electric power and energy engineers while creating bridges between the electric power industry and different stakeholders, including government, regulatory bodies, companies, universities, and industry groups.”

Dr. Novosel is the President and founder of Quanta Technology. Previously, he was the Vice president of ABB Automation Products and the President of KEMA T&D Consulting US. Dr. Novosel is an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University.

He served as the President of the IEEE Power & Energy Society and continued the work of his predecessors to exceed 40,000 members. As the Vice President of Technical Activities, he saw the need for reorganizing technical committees to better serve the changing industry landscape. Dr. Novosel also formed the IEEE PES Industry Technical Leadership Committee which has published numerous, well-received publications on ‘fast-track” and expanded outreach to global industry, government, and regulatory organizations. He provided leadership in the formation of the Executive Advisory Council and the Corporate Engagement Program. Damir has been a champion of global diversity, cooperation between academia and industry, and the active engagement and growth of industry membership. He served on the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board as well as on its committees. He is a member of the CIGRE US Executive Committee and chaired the North American Synchro-Phasor Initiative Performance Requirement Task Team. Dr. Novosel has served on various boards and is presently a member of the Sandia National Laboratories Energy and Homeland Security External Advisory Board, the Mississippi State University Industry Advisory Board and the PAC World Advisory Board.  Damir is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker and panelist at global industry conferences. He published numerous papers and was awarded 18 patents.

Damir was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineers and is an IEEE Fellow. Mississippi State University granted him a Distinguished Engineering Fellow and the ECE Alumni award. Throughout his career, he has mentored technical experts and business leaders. His company promotes active IEEE and industry participation to support career development and enhance leadership skills.