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2023 CIGRE Symposium

The symposium was organized by CIGRE Australia under the theme “The End to End Electricity System: transition, development, operation, and integration.”

The CIGRE International Symposium in Cairns, was held 4 – 7 September at the Cairns Convention Center in Queensland, Australia.  The symposium, hosted by Study Committees C2 (Power System Operation and Control) and C5 (Electricity Markets and Regulation) included participation from eleven of the sixteen global CIGRE Study Committees. The ones of interest to the PAC community were B5 – Protection and Automation and D2 – Information Systems and Telecommunication.

The event was one of the most significant symposia in recent times, with many working group meetings that took place in parallel. This represented a unique opportunity for professionals, researchers, and policymakers in the power system sector to converge, share insights, and discuss the latest developments and challenges facing the industry.

The coffee and lunch breaks were held in the exhibition area, which provided an opportunity for the participants to see the latest developments in power systems related technology and to interact with the exhibitors to learn more about its capabilities and applications.

The event was also an opportunity to experience the local indigenous culture, which was included in the opening session, as well as during the conference soirée which took place at a Rainforest Retreat.