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Protection Automation Conference Southeast Asia

SEAPAC was held 5th of September 2023 in Cairns, Australia. The South East Asia Protection and Automation Conference (SEAPAC) was held in parallel with the CIGRE International Symposium. This event took place at the Cairns Convention Center and was unique in that it combined two significant events under one umbrella. 

The conference program was organized in four sessions and focused on different aspects of protection and automation systems. Each session included a range of speakers from different organizations, demonstrating a collaborative and diverse approach to addressing the challenges and advancements in the field of power system protection and automation. The paper presentations in each session were followed by extensive discussions triggered by the topics address by the speakers.

The first session addressed real-world experiences and investigations related to Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS). 

The second session focused on the challenges and innovations in PACS in the context of renewable energy integration and protection schemes in systems with high penetration of IBRs.

The next session focused on the latest advancements in testing and technology for PACS, including discussions on digital twins, system-based testing and optimal use of IEC 61850 test modes.

The final session covered design and implementation aspects of protection and automation. Topics such as adaptive reclosing and future PACS were addressed.