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P40 Agile Enhanced – Feeder Protection with Extended I/O and RedundantEthernet

GE announces the addition of PRP/HSR redundancy to the Enhanced version of P40 Agile, with all Ethernet ports available for fiber or copper selection.  Time synchronism is extended, with the addition of IEEE 1588 precision-time.  Additional to the dual ports for station bus, a third engineering port is added, allowing separation of IT and OT networks. 

Binary I/O scalability now reaches up to 14 inputs, with all models still delivered in a highly compact case – 4U height x 20TE/4” width x 155mm/6” depth.

Protection functions secure fast fault clearance, responding to harmonics induced by renewables, up to the 21st order. 

Enhanced cybersecurity defenses and support of IEC 61850 Edition 2 are standard.