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ATOP’s NTS7500 Series

The grandmaster clock is equipped with a Stratum 1 NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, which communicates with a Stratum 0 clock in a direct one-on-one connection The NTS7500 embeds a high precision, multi-system Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module that supports GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO GNSS Systems.

It is fitted with a GNSS antenna and is connected to the substation backbone and located adjacent to the substation building. In addition to NTP, the series also offers optional Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard support for IEC 61850-9-3 and IEEE C37.238 power utility profiles.

It comes integrated with an OCXO Oscillator which ensures time drift does not exceed 1.5 microseconds/24 hours.